Make Design that Matters.

To quote Saul Bass: How a thing looks today is as important as how well it works. As never before, people are influenced by what they see. Design is a language shaped by the world and its current realities. Some design transcends all culture and all time and we call it classic. Some is very much of a time and place and we call it vernacular or add it to an –ism or we call it kitsch. What we can add to Bass’ Sage words: We live in times when the very act of seeing continues to expand. Ubiquitous technologies merge with visual and industrial design and offer views of places – place meaning ideas, lands, philosophies, politics, games – few knew or explored or imagined before. Just as earlier generations raced to map and claim the world, to make it known, designers race today to know and see what the world is and can be.

CCA’s Graduate Program in Design is collaboration, creativity, and play as key tools in making innovation. We work using project-based learning – integrating story-telling, research, and business into a skills-rich thesis year.