Na Kim Workshop: The Manual of Curiosities


Anyone would collect something, some moment, either consciously or unconsciously, and this collection explains the particles of oneself—a substantial body of personality, his/her interests, and histories. For many years I have initiated workshops based on participants’ personal collections to explore the conceptual relationship with personal objects and (re) contextualizing stories behind them in the design process. For instance, ‘Your Autobiography’ which investigates the connection between collecting personal archives and the process of writing an autobiography. Since the way of writing one’s autobiography means re-constructing one’s memory and almost re-writing personal history, the editing and contextualizing the personal collections reminds the similar process with that. In this workshop, the participants will not just consider the state of autobiography, but we will look into the idea of the Cabinet of Curiosities (Wunderkammer), which is a well-known example of the personal collection around 16C. As for a model of pre- and post-modern museum, revisiting the form of Cabinet of Curiosities enable us to experience the value of collection and archive and how to recontextualize it from the original definition. With this process, the participants will have a chance to understand the method of the spatial aspect of presentation as well as the visual language of graphic design practice.

Group 1: 

Annika Bastacky (MFA Design)

Sarah Bonnickson (MFA Design)

Youyou Ma (Curatorial Practice)

Leandra Burnett (Curatorial Practice and Architecture)

Eunji Lee (Undergraduate GD)


Group 2

Juan Pablo Rahal (MFA Design)

Chloe Looker (MFA Design)

Yeqi Liu (MFA Design)

Emily Markert (Curatorial Practice)

Kaming Lee (Undergraduate GD)


Group 3

Meg Quarton (MFA Design)

Troy Taylor (MFA Design)

Shaelyn Hanes (Curatorial Practice)

Darian Newman (Undergraduate GD)