Leon Ransmeier Workshop: Flexible Boundaries

Workshop Description

Flexible Boundaries

Designer Leon Ransmeier will lead a 3 day workshop at CCA to explore the design of tensile textile structures. The workshop will employ a defined palette of materials: cotton canvas, nylon webbing, nylon rope, metal D-rings, metal grommets, and fiberglass rods.

The designs must use tension to achieve their form and contribute to their desired use. The boundaries created may function as barriers to rain, sun, wind, visibility, physical access, and more. Potential applications will serve humans and / or objects. Solutions of various sizes are encouraged, however scale is limited by available materials.

Following a presentation of reference material, the participants will be given a design brief to work from. After a brief period of research, they will define their project within the prescribed constraints. The students are then encouraged to experiment in full scale, building quick samples to develop their designs. Hands-on experimentation is prioritized over computer modeling and digital means. The final outcome will be a series of useable mock-ups.

Wen Liu

Jason Malik

Abigayle Cosinuke

Mingke Yu

Yang Liu

Ting-Kai Wang