Course: Light Studio / Year One Topic Studio


Light Studio will center on the ethereal and physical character of light, as a source of inspiration and provocation. Light(ing) is one of the basic constituents of our built environment. The last fifteen years has witnessed a radical shift in how we consider light, primarily because of new technologies for the creation and simulation of “pervasive emissive surfaces”. The studio will explore new lighting strategies/technologies with the intention of manifesting results in built forms. Various methods for engagement will be explored (e.g., slice of time, word/place prompts, design precedence, etc.). There will be three distinct projects, coupled by a framework created by each student according to their own interests. Work will track according to independently defined exploration areas, with reviews and milestones coordinated as a class. The Studio will move through three contiguous phases of work, exploration/research, definition/validation and execution/refinement. Students will learn 3D modeling tools, how to move from digital information to physical output, prototyping techniques, how to collaborate with people from relevant disciplines and translate design strategies into tangible, realized concepts. Outside critics will be introduced as appropriate to the subject.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
William J. Bottini
Dashiell Corvin-Brittin
Sanchit Gupta (video)
Nicholas F. Hansen
Maya Kremien
Lingjiang Lai
Aaron Levine
Li Lin
Robert Sieg
Yunwen Tu
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