Frame / MFA Thesis 2017


The frame defines a 2D space from the external world. I am trying to map and sum up an logic of graphic design by finding and locating these frames. From my perspective, the invisible space is the most important aspect of graphic design. Although the topic and text change, the frame is consistent supporting the visible system. In another words, the frame is the truth of graphic styles or forms.

Through my research, I’ve explored the poster as a historical design object. This traditional graphic design format has evolved and has become nearly extinct during the rise of interactive design. How do posters work as a graphic design object? What is the frame of posters? How do you break the frame? How do posters work as a materialized object? If the frame of posters suggest technological limitation, then how do posters express our position of our time in design’s history. With three visual experiments, I am trying to explore the physical frame, technological frame, and the frame of perspective. By showing multiple frames in a single format, I am trying to understand what happened inside and outside the graphic domain.