Photogrammetric Collage / MFA Thesis 2017


This body of work, developed between October 2016 and March 2017, is part of my MFA Design thesis, examining the dissolving boundaries between the physical and digital domains. For this project I explored photogrammetry, the process of generating a 3D model through photography, as a vehicle to sample and remix data from the physical world. Using a method I developed of selectively jamming together multiple distinct forms, this work is a collection of surprising and dynamic hybridized objects, which extend the imagination and can only be manifested again physically via digital fabrication processes.

This project speculates on the future by imagining how advances in rapidly maturing technology apply to design and culture. The project also involves the creation of a generative process that yields exciting results beyond the sum of the inputs and represents a new approach relating to physical design form making, another mode of practice advocated by the MFA Design program. The process produces outcomes that dance the line between art and design, a boundary that I’ve been encouraged to explore during my time at CCA. Finally, as a consistent thread throughout my thesis research, the objects in this work are part of a wider body of inquiry and broader discourse about the world of designed objects and form generation.