Course: Public Interactives / Year One Topic Studio

Future Grocery01_SMALL

Future Grocery Store
Sponsored Studio by Intel

In recent years, a lot of shopping has moved to on-line situations. This is great for some purposes. However, being in a well-designed physical space and holding tangible items on your hand could be a unique and unforgettable experience with the help of latest technologies. This project is to imagine the possibilities of future grocery stores using the Intel RealSense Camera.

Through the interviews and random talks with some shoppers in the grocery store, we found out that most customers are willing to know more about basic knowledge of the food including nutrition, preparation, selection and recipe,¬†especially the unfamiliar food. They are also interested in the seasonal food concept since it’s healthier and tastier.

We come up with the idea to design a food information system “Eat In the Moment”.


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