Course: Year One Topic Studio


Visual Braille Type – Senses, Sound Experience

When individuals lose their sight, they unconsciously develop their touch and hearing senses in order to replace the missed abilities. However, for one who has five sense completeness, how does audition and touch differ from vision? The “Visual Braille” is designed by combining two senses, sight and touch. All information is readable by blind and sighted people. It indicates a path to explore the aesthetics of braille, establishing a closer connection in a literal way
between both readers.

How can we bring that same meaning evoked through music, to the act of touching, scratching, for the enhanced-hearing visually impaired? What does touching, scratching, sound like?

The “Senses Turntable” is a medium that gives you a choice to experience a special dimension of sound by using your sense of touch and hearing with the Visual Braille. When fingers touch each letters on the vinyl, the scratching sound start and our sense of hearing arises. At the same time, while we are slowly moving our fingers, as a pencil draws a line of sound waves. From then, this creation led to the emergence of new imagination. When the energy of the sound move to our ears, we are then covered by the spiritual experience of this sound methodology.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .