Satellites / MFA Thesis, 2014


Processes, Recipes, Laws, Operations, Techniques, Titles, Teachings, Prescriptions, Modus operandi, Equations, Programs, Haiku, Philosophy, Paradoxes, Requests, Puzzles, Principles, Proposals for actions, Methods, Invitations to participate, Restrictions, Poetry, Proverbs, Pure concepts, Training, Coaching, Lessons, Constraints, Restrictions, Abstractions, Rituals, Mechanisms, Conditions, Protocols

Instructions, Scores, Algorithms etc. explores using process-based systems, algorithms, and instructions to generate discursive images and forms, as an alternative to the commercial design process. The goal of developing this methodology is that it will lead to surprising results that cannot be premeditated. The outputs from these operations should act as non-prescriptive starting points for functional objects that can be interpreted, divided, and remixed into an infinite number of potential products categories.

The methodology I develop for working with procedural design should be a tool for my work, and ideally other designer’s work, in the future. Building this strategy for design is not an endpoint in itself, but an exploration into some of the potential avenues for working in this way.

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