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Course: Year One Topic Studio

Visual Braille Type – Senses, Sound Experience When individuals lose their sight, they unconsciously develop their touch and hearing senses in order to replace the missed abilities. However, for one who has five sense completeness, how does audition and touch differ from vision? The “Visual Braille” is designed by combining two senses, sight and touch. All […]

Rapid Craft #2: Making A Chair Really Fast, or . . .

Results from CCA Grad Design’s RAPID CRAFT #2 (AKA Skillshare Fridays) on February 20th, organized by Rafi Ajl. Titled: Making A Chair Really Fast, or an exercise in quick decision making and following an idea through to the end The program will provide each participant with three (3) 8′ foot 2″x4″ pieces of standard construction […]


MFA Design is an open site for the investigation of contemporary design practice. Built on a firm foundation of technical skills, pushing the limits of cutting-edge tools and technologies alongside traditional craft-based techniques, MFA Design students work to reimagine the methods, modes, and meanings of design in contemporary culture. Whether intended to be commercial, civically […]

Current Students

Year Two Ashley Adams Rasha Alamoudi Emil Alex Xuefei Bai William Bottini Dashiell Corvin-Brittin Yisha Dai Tian Fei Sophie Feller Peixin Fu Sanchit Gupta Nicholas Hansen Hongru Hou Shuo-Ling Huang Jitpanan Jaturuntawanichya Hee Min Jee Buge Jiang Kyu Hee Keogh Lingjiang Lai Aaron Levine Li Lin Katelyn Moore Bo Peng Veena Ramachandran Hanzi Shao Robert Sieg […]


Rafi Ajl JD Beltran Philip Benn Matthew Boyko Mark Brest Van Kempen Sara Dean Gustavo Fricke Guillermo Galindo Cristina Gaintan Lynda Grose Christopher Hamamoto Helen Ip Corey Jones David Kasprzak Robert Kett Barry Katz Stuart Kendall Megan Lynch Brett MacFadden Emily McVarish Scott Minneman Paul Montgomery Randy Nakamura James Pierce Mara Skov Scott Thorpe Ignacio […]