Variability & Play In The Third Place / MFA Thesis 2015


This thesis focuses on our relationship to the urban environments we inhabit as well as the people who we share them with. We are constantly navigating a sea of people, usually strangers, but we don’t realize the impact those people have on our perception of our surroundings, their impact on our wellbeing, and our own ability to positively affect another person’s life. Throughout this exploration I play with different modes of intervention in public space as a way to disrupt the environment, people’s lives and the way we relate to each other. The work looks to provoke momentary connections between people in the public realm, which means: getting strangers to interact in unexpected yet delightful ways, as a reminder of the importance of human connection outside of our private contexts.The ultimate goal of this thesis is to infuse the urban landscape with variability, play and most importantly, kindness.

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