You Are The Text / MFA Thesis, 2015


In narrative texts, there exists an intangible space between an author/creator’s written word, and how that written word is perceived in the mind of a reader/viewer.  My thesis explores the role of the designer in activating this space.

The use of words in the English language works because it possesses a set of groupings of letters that we have agreed signify a specific set of meanings. While these meanings may seem rather inflexible (as the English dictionary would have you believe), this is not the case at all. Our own personal memories, identities, and biases reform and reshape these meanings all the time. This is particularly so because when we see the visual manifestation of the word, it is symbol. Visual symbols however, leave a great deal of room for interpretation. How can these visual symbols of reading be manipulated to convey a certain viewpoint or context? And how does that change the experience of reading and imagining?”